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Our Story

Hi there! So, you are interested to learn more about us? Don’t worry we are not going to bore you with some long-winded story. Truth is that we have been observing for a very long time, that many people (including ourselves!) have not been living life as efficiently as we should.


Why is efficient living important? Because being less efficient means losing precious time that we could otherwise have spent doing the things that we love, and with our loved ones. We think that time is extremely important, which cannot be bought, and everyone only has a set amount of it starting from the day that they are brought into this world.


So, we are set on a mission to shake things up!


We have searched high and low, and literally everywhere, but could not find a shop that aggregates all efficient living tools into one convenient space. Therefore, we thought to ourselves, why not let us build one! We have spent tremendous amount of time, effort, expertise and passion into bringing this shop i.e. EfficientKing to life, and delivering high quality and affordable products that we can be proud of, and that our customers truly love.


In short, we are on a mission to make efficient living accessible to everyone.

We aim to empower people with efficiency and have more time on hand to do what they love, with their loved ones. We truly believe that we are bringing about a positive change in people’s lives, and that gets us up from bed every morning, passionate and purpose-driven. Thank you again for your support, even if it’s just visiting our website, and we look forward to serving you if given the gracious opportunity.

Have a great efficient week ahead! :)